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Vaccine mandate for US military putting national security at risk

A recent op-ed in a Florida newspaper suggested the DOD's COVID-19 vaccination mandate is undermined military readiness.

COVID-19 vaccines were ordered for military members in 2021. All branches had their deadlines by the end of the year. In July, those who were not vaccinated or who had not received an exemption were threatened with possible separation if they did not get vaccinated. They had until mid-2022 to get vaccinated.

“Sound policy must be more beneficial than detrimental; the military’s Covid mandate decidedly isn’t. The benefits of vaccination are limited. Existing vaccines don’t prevent transmission of the dominant variants. And the virus has become less capable of rendering severe clinical outcomes, while effective treatments are now available for those who do get sick,” he wrote.

A mandate to ensure military readiness was imposed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and other military leaders.

“Our world is only becoming more dangerous. I’m hopeful that an open-minded self-assessment leads to a solution that addresses this most serious threat to force readiness—before it’s too late,” Eifert said.

11 August 2022

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