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Ukraine receives advanced missile systems from the US

Several medium-to-long-range missile systems will be purchased by the U.S. and sent to Ukraine in an effort to help Ukrainian forces hold onto the last remaining land parcels in the eastern Donbas that Russia has yet to capture.

An official from the Ukrainian defense ministry said on Monday that the Ukrainian military is already using advanced rocket systems effectively, and they'll soon be accompanied by trained troops.

Additionally, the U.S. is in the process of buying and sending NASAMS, an advanced surface-to-air missile system, to Ukraine. This would add to its capability to conduct rocket strikes from a longer range.

According to a senior administration official familiar with the matter, President Joe Biden will announce soon that the U.S. will purchase NASAMS, a Norwegian-developed anti-aircraft system for Ukraine. As part of its airspace protection system, the U.S. uses NASAMS around Washington's White House and Capitol.

28 June 2022


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