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Travel Site CEO sees "change of mind" in Google's list

The CEO of travel booking site Trivago believes that attitudes toward the world's largest tech companies have changed. Axel Hever believes that the world's governments are preparing to assume the absolute dominance of Google on the Internet, saying: "There is a growing understanding of the need to set some specific rules for the digital world, as they have done in the offline world for a long time."

“It is increasingly understood that it is necessary to set some rules for the digital world, as it has done in the offline world for a long time,” Hever said. “Over the next several years, we expect more rules and regulations that should lead to more competition based on Innovation, rather than simply increasing economies of scale that dominate different sectors.

Hever went on to say that "huge platforms control our daily life" and it is "almost impossible" not to use them to some extent.


10 Feb 2021


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