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The technology will transform war, Mark Milley tells West Point cadets

Photo Source: By Monica King, United States Army

During a speech on Saturday, the top U.S. military officer challenged Army soldiers to prepare America's military for future wars that may look very different from current conflicts.

America, he said, is no longer the unchallenged global power. Instead, it is being tested in Europe by Russian aggression, in Asia by China’s dramatic economic and military growth as well as North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, and in the Middle East and Africa by instability from terrorists.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley painted a gloomy picture of a world that is becoming more unstable as great powers change the global order. He told graduating cadets at the United State. Armed Forces Academy at West Point that they would be responsible for preparing America.

Mark Milley told the cadets. “Whatever overmatch we, the United States, enjoyed militarily for the last 70 years is closing quickly, and the United States will be, in fact, we already are challenged in every domain of warfare, space, cyber, maritime, air, and of course land.”

21 May 2022


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