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The state sues Pennsylvania counties for refusing to count Undated mail-in ballots

In a recent primary election, Pennsylvania state is suing county officials for failing to count mail-in ballots that were not dated.

Lancaster, Berks, and Fayette counties' Boards of Elections were sued on July 12 by the Pennsylvania Department of State and Acting Secretary Leigh Chapman seeking a court injunction to force them to count undated mail-in ballots cast in Pennsylvania's 2022 primary elections.

“To be absolutely clear, the Lancaster County Board of Elections properly certified the 2022 primary election results in accordance with the PA Election Code at 25 P.S. 2642(k) and any court order regarding undated mail-in ballots and submitted that certification to the Department of State on June 6, 2022,” the press release said.

Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania's Democratic attorney general, said in the filing that election officials in Republican-controlled counties refused to count absentee and mail-in ballots that lacked a return envelope date but were "lawfully cast by qualified voters."

In a press release issued Tuesday afternoon, the Lancaster County Board of Elections wrote that the plaintiffs’ demand “is contrary to the law or any existing court order.”

13 July 2022


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