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The Oklahoma crash killed six high school students

Local authorities reported that six high school students died in a collision in Tishomingo, Oklahoma on Tuesday when their vehicle collided with a semi-truck.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokesperson Sarah Stewart told multiple news outlets that the students, all girls, died when their "small passenger vehicle" hit the semi-truck in a rural area about 120 miles south of Oklahoma City.

Maps show the intersection is located near the end of a 90-degree bend of U.S. 377 from east to south. The car collided with the truck as it was making a right turn, Humphrey said.

“We don’t know the full nature or details of what caused the crash, only that the car at some point was at this stop sign and that in the following moments the semi hit them,” the OHP official said. “When we got to the scene you could see the car about 100 feet or so from the intersection completely totaled.”

An OHP official said that they weren't sure how much of that was caused by the crash or by emergency responders. However, the scene "was heartbreaking."

23 March 2022


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