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The Democratic Party of Pennsylvania aims for unity

Despite embracing progressive positions, a candidate who is unabashedly blunt lacks chemistry with party leaders and commands a 6-foot-8 frame. As a person of moderate views, the other crafts an image as someone who is a good public speaker and who has cultivated relationships within the party ever since he became a congressional aide.

Yet their fate - and the fate of the Democratic Party - is tied to Pennsylvania elections, which are likely to be among the most watched in America.

Democrats have a clear path to picking up a U.S. Senate seat in Fetterman, which could be crucial to helping them retain control of the chamber.

Shapiro, meanwhile, poses even larger existential questions as he faces a Republican rival for governor who has embraced conspiracies about the last presidential election and would have significant influence over running the next one in the premier battleground state.

20 June 2022


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