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The bipartisan new infrastructure plan deal must focus on climate: Climate activists says

President Joe Biden | Photo Source: The White House

Climate activists and their Democratic allies in Congress are pressing with renewed urgency for major investments to curb global warming after a bipartisan infrastructure plan scrapped some of President Joe Biden's key climate initiatives.

Supporters say a larger Democrat-only package now being developed in Congress should fulfill Biden's promise to steer the country toward zero-carbon electricity, make America a world leader in electric cars, and create millions of jobs in solar, wind, and other clean jobs. energy. Industries

Repealing climate measures in the bipartisan plan comes as the effects of climate change increase, such as exacerbating disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts. Scientists are urging immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid the worst consequences of global warming.

The $973 billion bipartisan deal includes money to build a national network of electric vehicle charging stations, purchase thousands of electric buses, and upgrade the electrical grid. It also would spend $55 billion to improve drinking water and wastewater systems and $47 billion in resiliency efforts to tackle climate change.

Activists say the bipartisan framework does not meet nearly all of the major climate conspiracies that Biden made in his initial Proposal in the spring - including energy improvements for buildings - a Civilian Climate Corps and massive spending on environmental justice.

CTM News

5 July 2021


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