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Strategists say Mar-a-Lago raid unlikely to sway midterm voters

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Continuing revelations about the FBI raiding the Mar-a-Lago home of former President Donald Trump, such as the release of a detailed inventory of documents and items found in the raid on September 2, have stoked fresh controversy. Political strategists have told The Epoch Times that a detailed inventory of documents and items retrieved in the raid is unlikely to impact the midterm elections in November.

Voters will have much more decisive factors in their minds when it comes to the election than the massive inflation rate still plaguing them, as well as the bloated national debt exacerbated by President Joe Biden's plan to forgive student loans worth $500 billion.

Some observers may interpret reports on Friday that a small number of documents that were seized by federal agents contained secrets, confidential, and top secrets as bad news for the former president's expectations of reelection in 2024. The majority of the property taken in the raid-11,179 items-were not classified as secret or confidential, according to US District Judge Aileen Cannon. As a result, 54 documents were classified "Secret," 31 as "Confidential," and 18 as "Top Secret," according to a tally by the New York Post.

2 September 2022


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