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State health funding arrangements under COVID-19 to be extended by Australian PM Anthony Albanese

Labor government in Australia has agreed to extend COVID-19 state health funding arrangement until the end of the year, which means the 50-50 funding relationship between the states and Commonwealth will continue beyond September.

The federal government will contribute an additional $760 million to support health systems in Australia's states and territories.

Following the first Cabinet meeting of the new government, premier and chief ministers of all 50 states and territories, including the federal government, unanimously called for continued support for state health funding. This is due to continuing pressures on hospital systems in each state and territory.

“It was conducted in a very good spirit, a spirit of engagement, one that recognised our common interests and our common purpose to serve people in our respective states and territories,” he said.

In addition to a shortage of nurses and other health workers, hospital emergency rooms are full, and ambulances have had to ramp up, as well as elective surgeries that were pushed back due to the pandemic.

17 June 2022


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