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Russian troops advance into Ukraine, disrupting internet access

Monitors reported on Saturday that the Russian invasion has disrupted internet connectivity in Ukraine, particularly in the south and east where fighting has been most intense.

As Moscow launched coordinated artillery and cruise missile strikes on several cities, including Kyiv, on Saturday, its Interfax news agency reported that troops from Russia captured the southeastern Ukrainian city of Melitopol.

According to NetBlocks, Ukraine's main internet provider, GigaTrans, internet connectivity dropped in the early hours of Friday morning to 20 percent of normal levels.

The worst affected regions are not experiencing a nationwide blackout, yet few news reports are reaching those in the region, and those who are not are fearful that connectivity could become worse at any time, cutting off friends and family," Toker said.

According to Simon Angus, the observatory's director and associate professor of economics, some anomalies may simply be caused by the fact that some people have left their cities and moved away from their computers.

Ukraine has provided more details about an alleged Belarusian cyberespionage operation that it said involved personal email accounts owned by Kyiv's forces.

26 Feb 2022


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