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Russian nuclear deal worth $2.25 billion signed by South Korea

The South Korean government has landed a contract for 3 trillion won ($2.25 billion) for parts and construction of the first nuclear power plant in Egypt with a Russian state-run company.

Even though their American allies are pushing an economic pressure campaign against Russia over its war on Ukraine, the South Koreans are hailing the deal as a triumph for their nuclear industry.

According to South Korean officials, the United States was consulted before the deal and Seoul's technologies for the project won't conflict with Russian sanctions at the international level.

In accordance with the contract signed between Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power and ASE, the South Koreans are responsible for providing certain materials and equipment and constructing the turbine building of the Dabaa plant. About 130 kilometers (80 miles) northwest of Cairo is the Mediterranean coastal town.

26 August 2022


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