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New York Rioters Burn American Flags Stolen from Homes

During a protest against the New York Police Association, protesters set ablaze American flags and stole from homes. Protesters in Portland previously threatened to set fire to a house over the raising of the American flag.

During the march, some “peaceful protesters” yanked American flags from private homes and set them on fire, the article states.

As night fell, some protesters began tearing US flags from their homes. they defaced flags with a "stolen land" message. Then they collected the stolen flags and tried to set them ablaze halfway.

The American flag that generated controversy is displayed in Kenton, a neighborhood of Portland with small bungalows, lush front gardens, and ripe fruit trees. Weeks after the confrontation, the husband and wife who fly the flag said they were fearful of retaliation from the roving protesters, who had found their phone number.

But they say they will not be intimidated into removing the flag.


8 October 2020

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