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New York officials admit to leaving the data out of the COVID-19 nursing home death report

New York officials confirmed on Thursday that they deleted the death data of nursing home residents from a report on COVID-19 last year.

The report was released by the New York State Department of Health. He claimed that the March 2020 order issued by state officials was not the cause of the thousands of nursing home residents dying from COVID-19. The report received criticism, with one lawmaker saying it contained many flaws.

He added, "This did not change the report's finding, which was and still is that the March 25 order was not a factor in injuries or deaths in nursing homes."

In another statement from Cuomo's office, a spokesperson for the New York Department of Health, Gary Holmes, said the report demonstrated that the March 2020 warrant "was not a cause of nursing home deaths."


5 March 2021


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