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Irving says despite Durant injury, he won't reconsider COVID-19 vaccination

Photo Credit: By All-Pro Reels

Despite his teammate, Kevin Durant's knee injury, which is anticipated to keep him out for weeks, Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving said on Monday that he will not reconsider getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

Despite the fact that being immunized would allow the seven-time All-Star point guard to participate in all Brooklyn Nets games, Irving claimed he won't be convinced since his friend may be out for 6 weeks.

Athletes in New York City's pro sports must be immunized in order to compete in the city's public venues. Last month, the Nets changed their minds and decided to let Irving play in road games.

“That’s my decision already, and I’m standing on it,” Irving said.

He repeated that he remains “rooted” in his decision not to get vaccinated.

Irving stated, "That's what I believe comes into a lot of this lifestyle, basketball, sport, and entertainment." "You bring in teams and circumstances," says the narrator. Kev will recover, he will be OK, and we, like his teammates, will have to live with it. But, in terms of where I'm at in my life outside of this, I'm sticking to my guns.

18 Jan 2022


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