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In the wake of the latest shooting, Biden celebrates new gun laws

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

After just 16 days in effect, yet another mass shooting has overshadowed President Biden's celebration of a new, bipartisan law aimed at reducing gun violence.

A new law passed after recent gun attacks in Buffalo and Uvalde increases gun requirements for young adults, denies firearms to domestic abusers, and helps local authorities temporarily take weapons from dangerous people.

Biden on Saturday invited Americans to share with him via text — a new White House communications strategy — their stories of how they’ve been impacted by gun violence, tweeting that “I’m hosting a celebration of the passage of the Safer Communities Act.”

In Highland Park, Illinois, a gunman on Monday morning shot and killed seven people during an Independence Day parade, highlighting the limits of the new law when it comes to addressing the American phenomenon of mass gun violence.

11 July 2022


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