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General Mark Milley: US troops may be sent to Ukraine to watch over reopened embassy

Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters on Monday at the Pentagon that plans are being considered to send American forces back into Kiev for the protection of the U.S. Embassy.

Milley told reporters, possibly referring to a Wall Street Journal report, that "some things discussed in the media are planning efforts in process at a relatively low level.".

If the military is deployed, it would be special forces for the defense and security of the embassy that lies within range of Russian missiles. President Joe Biden earlier made assurances that no U.S. forces would be sent into Ukraine.

Since Russian forces focused their offensive on the eastern parts of the country, other countries such as the UK, France, and Germany have reopened embassies.

After being closed for three months, the U.S. Embassy reopened on May 19 after being closed for 10 days prior to the Russian invasion. Charge d'Affaires Kristina Kvien returned to Poland on May 2 after spending the first two months of the war out of the country.

25 May 2022


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