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Former GA governor David Perdue calls for a state law enforcement unit dedicated to election crimes

Photo Source: Gage Skidmore

Georgia governor candidate David Perdue, a Republican and former U.S. senator, suggested on Jan. 20 forming a law enforcement department focusing on election violations in the state.

According to former Georgia Governor Perdue, this unit will "enforce election laws, look into election crime and fraud, and arrest those who perpetrate these crimes.

"It's all about responsibility and openness." Georgians have a right to expect that only legal votes will be recorded because anyone attempting to tamper with our elections will be caught and prosecuted," he stated. "As Governor, I'll do what [Gov.] Brian Kemp hasn't: I'll ensure Georgia elections the safest and most secured in the nation."

Kemp's campaign, which saw former President Donald Trump endorsing Perdue, soon retaliated.

"David Perdue is continually lying to the people of Georgia—without facts or proof," said Cody Hall, a campaign spokeswoman, in an emailed statement to The Epoch Times. "By establishing this department, Governor Perdue is finally conceding what state law and the Georgia constitution have made plainly clear: the Governor has no legal jurisdiction over election monitoring, investigation, or management in our nation.

21 Jan 2022

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