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First time Jared Kushner talks about FBI raid on Trump Home

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Following the FBI raid on his father-in-law's home, former President Donald Trump, former White House adviser Jared Kushner gave his first interview since the raid.

"It is giving many people pause and concern who believe in the fairness of our judicial system and democratic process." says Kushner.

Kusher said that while Trump's critics accuse him of breaking rules and norms, "what we are seeing here and what we have been seeing consistently is exactly that." Their goal is to get Trump by breaking all the norms."

“President Trump is a fighter, he’s always been a fighter,” Kushner, the husband of the former president’s daughter Ivanka, told Fox News on Sunday evening. Trump “drives his enemies so crazy, they always over-pursue him and make mistakes in trying to get him, and that’s basically what happened here,” he added.

“But what’s happening now is the same thing being done by the same people in the same way,” Kushner said, “they’re leaking to the same sources, they’re manufacturing fabulous claims that then get debunked shortly thereafter.”

22 August 2022


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