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Energy and tax provisions in big bill blocked by Joe Manchin, Democrat say

Democrat briefed on the conversations said late Thursday that Senator Joe Manchin will oppose an economic plan he's been negotiating with Democratic leaders if it includes climate or energy provisions or higher taxes on the rich and corporations.

Manchin’s demands leave the future of the latest measure unclear, seemingly upending the hopes of President Joe Biden and Democratic leaders’ for a more sweeping package they could push through Congress by August.

In Thursday's meeting with Schumer, Manchin said he would only support a new bill if it limited pharmaceutical prices and extended federal subsidies for health insurance. Manchin abruptly derailed his party’s bigger and wider-ranging social and environment package last December after months of negotiations and after the measure had already passed the House.

Manchin spokesperson Sam Runyon issued a statement that reiterated the senator’s assertions that he did not want any measure that emerged to worsen inflation. The government reported this week that consumer costs last month grew by an annual level of 9.1%, the highest figure in four decades.

15 July 2022


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