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DeSantis: Zeldin will turn New York into a law-and-order state

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

In front of a dense crowd of New Yorkers on Oct 29, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis promised his party's gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin would turn their crime-ridden state into a law-and-order state.

DeSantis, widely expected to win a second term as the governor of Florida, said New York's next governor needs to "stand up for law enforcement" and stop "coddling" criminals, such as freeing them early from prison.

“Florida is a law-and-order state. I am a law-and-order governor. If Lee Zeldin gets into office, New York will become a law-and-order state, and he will be a law-and-order governor,” DeSantis told thousands of Zeldin supporters at a “Get Out the Vote” rally at the New York congressman’s native Long Island Saturday evening.

31 October 2022


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