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Cucinelli: a Biden official opens the door for dangerous immigrants to enter the United States

Former Homeland Security Undersecretary Ken Cuccinelli warned Monday that President Joe Biden's administration had opened the door to immigrants, in stark contrast to the administration of former President Donald Trump. This comes at a time when the Biden administration announced plans to slowly allow 25,000 asylum seekers to enter the United States.

"Professional officers would only find two percent of the people eligible for asylum," Cuccinelli said. "I mean, it was an obvious hoax, and Mexico came together to give us an extraordinary level of stopping capacity. Now when they open the door, I mean, that's it. The answer ... It's not a question of whether you can give Back off. They have given up the main element that was holding those 25,000 people. And they have abandoned it despite 30,000 to 40,000 cases of evidence as there are not a lot of people eligible for asylum in those groups. This is a trick, in large part, they are playing coach the coaches by human smugglers trying to get to this country, and Joe Biden lets them do that. "


15 Feb 2021


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