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COVID-19 Lockdowns Was Not His Recommendation, Says Fauci

When asked about what he would do differently regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci said Monday that he never recommended "locking anything down."

“First of all, I didn’t recommend locking anything down,” Fauci replied during an interview published by The Hill’s “Rising” program on Monday, suggesting it had been a recommendation from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“Go back and look at my statements,” he added, “that we need to do everything we can to keep the schools open and safe.”

As Fauci continued to say at the time, the spread of COVID-19 wouldn't be stopped unless the United States shut down completely like China. According to some analysts, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been pursuing an economic suicide strategy called "zero COVID" since early 2020.

Public schools across the country should remain closed to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, Fauci said in August 2020. Additionally, Fauci argued that bars and restaurants should remain closed multiple times in 2020, maintaining that a binary choice existed between opening schools and opening bars.

27 July 2022


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