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Archbishop: Joe Biden, an abortion advocate, should stop describing himself as a "devout Catholic"

The chair of the United States Archbishop's Committee for Pro-Life Activities, Archbishop of Kansas City Joseph Naumann, said this week that President Joe Biden should stop calling himself a devout Catholic because his actions contradict that claim.

Archbishop Naumann told the Catholic World Report (CWR) in an interview on May 13th. February: "The president must stop defining himself as a devout Catholic and admit that his view on abortion is inconsistent with Catholic moral teaching." "It would be more honest on your part to say that you do not agree with your church on this important issue and that you are acting against the teachings of the church."

And the archbishop continued: "When he says that he is a devout Catholic, we the bishops have a responsibility to correct him." "Even though the people have bestowed on this president the authority and authority, yet they cannot determine what should be Catholic and what is the Catholic moral teaching."


17 Feb 2020


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