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Amidst standoff with Iran, Israeli PM Bennett visits the UAE

Bennett's trip came as efforts to salvage a nuclear deal with Iran stalled amid a deeper standoff between the two countries. A snap trip came during a busy week for the Israeli prime minister.

The trip was Bennett's second public visit to Abu Dhabi since Israelis and Emiratis normalized relations in 2020 after years of quiet cooperation, largely driven by concern over Iran's nuclear capabilities.

Prior to leaving Vienna, Bennett delivered a video statement thanking the countries that voted against Iran at an IAEA meeting on Wednesday based on its transparency about nuclear activities at three undeclared sites.

A statement from Bennett’s office said the Israeli leader will meet the UAE’s president, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and that the two will discuss “various regional issues.” Iran is likely to top the agenda.

9 June 2022


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