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After Russia's attack on a mall, Emmanuel Macron says it can't win in Ukraine

A day after Russia launched a missile attack on a crowded shopping mall that killed 18, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that Russia "should not win" the war in Ukraine.

During the Group of Seven meeting in Europe, Ukrainian and Western leaders condemned the strike as a war crime and a terrorist attack. The attack took place before a barrage of unusually intense Russian strikes all across Ukraine, including in the capital of Kyiv, which has drew new attention to a war some fear may fade from the headlines as time passes.

In conclusion of the G-7 summit in Germany, French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters that the seven industrialized democracies would support Ukraine and continue sanctions against Russia "for as long as necessary, and as strongly as necessary."

Authorities said more than 1,000 afternoon shoppers and workers were inside the shopping mall when it was struck. Rescuers worked through the charred rubble of the mall as he spoke.

“Russia cannot and should not win,” he said, adding that Monday’s attack on the mall was “a new war crime.”

28 June 2022


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