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A Pennsylvania special election fails to receive mail-in ballots

A special election for Luzerne County, Pennsylvania failed to bring mail-in ballots for hundreds of voters on Tuesday.

Local media reported that as many as 300 people in the 116th Legislative District did not receive ballots for the election taking place to replace Republican state Rep. Tarah Toohil.

According to the news outlet, Denise Williams, Chair of Luzerne County Board of Elections, said three files were not properly uploaded during a special election process, in which files were sent to the bureau and then sent to the mail-in vendor, and it was realized after discussions with the Pennsylvania Department of State, that two files hadn't been correctly uploaded.

“The oversight created a delay in these voters receiving their mail-in ballots, receiving them with only a few days left until the 116th Legislative District Special Election Day,” the Pennsylvania State Department said in a statement, according to WBRE.

6 April 2022


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