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A Maryland AG candidate calls for prosecution of politicians behind COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Peroutka, a Republican candidate for Maryland Attorney General, says politicians should be prosecuted for enacting COVID-19 measures such as lockdowns and vaccination mandates.

Based on Article 44 of the Maryland Declaration of Rights, a document similar to the Bill of Rights, he believes that implementing the restrictions violates the Maryland Constitution.

Article 44 says “any departure” or “violation” of the provision of the U.S. Constitution and Maryland Constitution, for whatever reason, is subversive of “good Government.”

The COVID-19 measures seem a bit far from perfect to him, but even if they were perfect, government restrictions would still be prohibited by law.

The Constitution Party nominated Peroutka for the presidency in 2004. His win for the Republican nomination for attorney general in Maryland came after he defeated Jim Shalleck, a former state and federal prosecutor.

27 September 2022


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