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Vaccine refusal by U.S. Navy sailors causes them being discharged

The US Navy said on Wednesday that 45 military members had been discharged for refusing to get inoculated with the Coronavirus vaccine.

The personnel were announced after failing to meet the Pentagon's injection deadline of November 28. Twenty-three sailors on active service were among those laid off.

According to UPI, 22 of those dismissed were classified entry-level separations since they occurred during basic training periods within their first 180 days of active service, according to the Navy.

Vice Adm. Bill Merz, the deputy chief of Naval Operations for Operations, Planning, and Strategies, explained the move: "It is my obligation to provide the most capable military, and this direction helps us maximise mission readiness." "While we work through the obstacles of this epidemic, the Navy continues to carry out its duty around the world."

People who are ejected for refusing the vaccine will receive a general honourable discharge, but they may forfeit certain benefits or be compelled to pay back the cost of education and training in some situations, according to the Navy's announcement last year.

27 Jan 2022


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