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Two slain NYPD officers were memorialized at St. Patrick's

On Feb. 1, Fifth Avenue in Manhattan was silent for the second time in two weeks as pallbearers carried an embalmed casket up the steps of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral.

The second policeman killed in the line of duty was Wilbert Mora, who was buried in a funeral for him.

The brethren from the 32nd Precinct saluted Mora with their white gloves and black mourning bands across their shields as they gathered in the center of the avenue wearing their class-A dress uniforms.

In contrast with last week's funeral of Jason Rivera, there were more police officers carrying AR rifles for the wake. Instead of a single helicopter, there were several.

FDNY firefighters and New York State troopers as well as members of EMS were present.

Five Avenue was clear for vehicles and pedestrians two days after a nor'easter dumped snow on Northeastern states. The weather was higher than last week with low winds, but temperatures were slightly higher.

2 Feb 2022


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