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Tragedy Strikes Lewiston: A Community in Shock After Mass Shooting

Tragedy Strikes Lewiston: A Community in Shock After Mass Shooting

Lewiston, Maine – In a shocking incident that has left the tight-knit community of Lewiston in deep mourning, a mass shooting unfolded Wednesday evening, claiming the lives of 18 people and leaving 13 others injured. State officials, including Governor Janet Mills and FBI representative Jodi Cohen, addressed the media minutes ago, revealing the devastating toll the tragedy has taken.

The incident occurred at a bowling alley and a restaurant, where seven individuals lost their lives at the bowling alley, eight at the restaurant, and three more succumbed to their injuries in the hospital. Authorities have identified eight of the victims, with their families informed, but the identities of ten victims remain unknown.

Law enforcement agencies have issued an arrest warrant for the suspected gunman, 40-year-old Robert Card, who is currently on the loose. Card is wanted for eight counts of murder, a number that is expected to rise to 18 as the remaining victims are identified. The first 911 call reporting the shooting was received at 18:56 local time, with subsequent calls coming in 12 minutes later, painting a grim picture of the rapid escalation of the situation.

In response to the tragedy, neighboring states have extended their support, offering police and security assistance to Maine. President Joe Biden has also personally reached out to Governor Mills, pledging the White House's full support and assistance during this difficult time.

Despite the updates provided, numerous unanswered questions loom large in the aftermath of this horrific event. The ages of the victims, including whether any were children, remain unknown. Furthermore, authorities have not disclosed any additional information regarding reports suggesting Card may have had mental health issues, the possible motive behind the attack, or how he gained access to a firearm.

The community of Lewiston, known for its resilience, now finds itself grappling with an unimaginable tragedy. As the investigation unfolds, the nation watches, hoping for answers and, ultimately, justice for the victims of this senseless act of violence. The road to healing for this close-knit community will undoubtedly be long and arduous, but with unity and support, they will find the strength to move forward from this heartbreaking event.

President Biden Calls for Urgent Action Following Lewiston Tragedy

In the wake of the horrifying mass shooting that unfolded in Lewiston, Maine, leaving 18 dead and 13 injured, President Joe Biden has issued a passionate plea for stricter gun control measures, calling the incident "yet another senseless and tragic mass shooting." The President's heartfelt statement emphasized the urgent need for bipartisan cooperation to address the escalating crisis of gun violence in America.

"Once again, our nation is in mourning," President Biden said, his voice heavy with sorrow. "Today, Jill and I are praying for the Americans who’ve lost their lives, for those still in critical care, and for the families, survivors, and community members enduring shock and grief."

President Biden urged Republican lawmakers to fulfill their duty in protecting American citizens by collaborating on comprehensive gun control legislation. "It is not normal, and we cannot accept it," he stated, referring to the staggering number of Americans affected by gun violence. He called for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, universal background checks, safe storage of guns, and an end to immunity from liability for gun manufacturers.

The President also reassured the residents of Lewiston and the surrounding areas that all necessary resources and support would be provided. He urged residents to heed the warnings issued by local authorities, emphasizing the importance of safety as the suspect, Robert Card, remains at large.

"I have directed my administration to provide everything that is needed to support the people of Maine. We will continue to be there every step of the way," President Biden affirmed.

The tragedy in Lewiston has once again ignited the national debate on gun control, with advocates and lawmakers urging swift action to prevent future incidents. As the nation mourns the lives lost in this appalling event, the call for meaningful change grows louder, transcending political lines in a plea for a safer America.


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