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President Biden launches Coronavirus initiatives on the first day in the White House

Evan Vucci/AP Photo

President Joe Biden launched initiatives Thursday to curb the rampant COVID-19 pandemic, as he addresses his top priorities on his first full day in the White House as he tries to turn the page on Donald Trump's leadership.

“We can and will beat COVID-19. America deserves a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that is driven by science, data, and public health — not politics,” the White House said in a statement outlining the administration’s National Strategy on for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness.

Authorities said Joe Biden will sign a series of executive orders related to the pandemic, including a requirement to wear masks at airports and on some public transport, including many trains, planes, and intercity buses.

This included imposing masks on federal property and stopping the World Health Organization (WHO) withdrawal, as well as issues such as restoring the Paris climate agreement and ending travel bans in some countries. The Muslim majority.

Among the 10 new orders, Joe Biden will establish a COVID-19 test board to increase testing, address supply shortages, create protocols for international travelers, and direct resources to the minority communities most affected.

In addition, it will issue a directive Thursday that includes an intention to join the COVAX vaccine facility that aims to deliver vaccines to poor countries, Biden's chief medical advisor, Anthony Fauci, told the World Health Organization.

White House Press Secretary Jane Psaki told MSNBC that Fauci will brief reporters at the White House later on Thursday, warning that any change in the disease will take time.

CTM News

21 Jan 2021


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