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Joe Biden’s Unity Message ‘Doesn’t Mean Every Single American

Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

President Joe Biden's calls for unity during his inaugural speech must be viewed with some skepticism because the new president was not referring to all Americans.

The new Biden administration was sending a signal that it intended to use the authority of the federal government against political opponents who apply a broad definition of white supremacy.

There were solemn speeches, sworn oaths, belted anthems, all echoing against the backdrop of 26,000 smartly attired federal troops who are guarding our capital city against unseen threats. There’s quite a display. It was all a lot to take, really.

Now that we are fighting a war against the white supremacists, can anyone tell us in very clear language what white supremacy is? This is not a semantic question from Picayune. Joe Biden is not a high school debating coach, and Joe Biden is the new President of the United States.

Joe Biden controls the largest military and law enforcement agencies in the world. Now he declared war. So we must know precisely and precisely who specifically declared the war. We have the right to know.


21 jAN 2021


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