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Federal court struck down the Biden administration's vaccination mandate for the COVID-19 vaccine

Photo Credit_ Gage Skidmore

On Saturday, a federal appeals court blocked the Biden administration's requirement for private employers to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, asserting that it may violate constitutional rights.

“Because the petitions give cause to believe there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the mandate, the mandate has hereby STAYED pending further action by this court,” a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said in the brief order.

A number of corporations, including the American Family Association, as well as individuals, as well as several states, including Texas, Utah, and Mississippi, brought the case.

OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) should be struck down as it exceeds the Department of Labor's authority under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, petitioners stated.

Despite the flurry of legal challenges to the OSHA rule that has been lodged since it was made public, administration officials are confident it will hold.

In a statement, Brandon Trosclair, owner and operator of multiple grocery stores in Louisiana and Mississippi, said the ruling represents "an incredible victory for all Americans," adding that the court "quickly realized that the Biden employer vaccine mandate would harm businesses such as mine."

Stuart Kyle Duncan, a Trump nominee, Edith Jones, a Reagan pick, and Kurt Engelhardt, a George W. Bush pick, served on the appeals court panel. A response to the petitioners' request for a permanent injunction was due at 5:00 pm, by Monday, and a reply to other petitioner court documents by the same time 5:00 pm. two days later.


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