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DeSantis Asserts Independence, Rules Out VP Role in Trump's 2024 Bid

In a recent podcast appearance, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida firmly stated that he would not join former President Donald Trump's 2024 presidential campaign as a running mate if he were to lose his own bid. DeSantis emphasized his role as a leader and expressed his belief that he could achieve more as governor of Florida than as vice president, a position he claimed lacked real authority.

DeSantis Asserts Independence, Rules Out VP Role in Trump's 2024 Bid

According to aggregated poll data as of July 11, Governor DeSantis trails behind former President Trump by more than 30 percent. Recent polls indicate that Trump holds 52.6 percent support, while DeSantis garners only 21 percent. Other contenders for the Republican nomination receive less than 10 percent support. Despite these figures, DeSantis affirmed his commitment to supporting the eventual Republican nominee.

During the podcast interview, DeSantis also highlighted policy differences between himself and Trump. He criticized Trump's reliance on former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases chief, Dr. Anthony Fauci, stating that the decision to defer to him was a significant mistake. DeSantis asserted that he would have fired Fauci, attributing him with causing substantial damage to the country. Additionally, DeSantis characterized Trump's response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a "disaster."

Addressing the issue of immigration, DeSantis claimed that he would handle the construction of a border wall differently, arguing that cartels easily breached it. Instead, he proposed the use of drones equipped with various sensors and military intervention with "lethal force" to counter drug smuggling operations.

Regarding his potential vice presidential pick, DeSantis did not disclose any specific candidates. However, he definitively ruled out Democratic challenger Robert F. Kennedy Jr., highlighting their divergent positions on various issues. Despite the differences, DeSantis acknowledged areas of agreement with Kennedy.

In recent days, DeSantis has faced criticism from fellow Republicans due to his campaign's lack of significant progress in the polls, particularly in comparison to Trump. Acknowledging the situation, a spokesperson for DeSantis' political action committee admitted that they are currently trailing behind in national polling. The uphill battle ahead was candidly acknowledged by the spokesperson, Steve Cortes, a former Trump adviser.

As the 2024 campaign season unfolds, Governor Ron DeSantis remains resolute in his stance as an independent leader, even as he faces challenges in his bid for the Republican nomination. The dynamics between DeSantis and Trump continue to be closely watched, as their positions and policies diverge in certain areas. The political landscape will undoubtedly evolve as candidates and their campaigns navigate the road to the 2024 presidential election.


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