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Chuck Schumer: Senate begins work on COVID-19 relief next week

Credit: TNS/Yuri Gripas

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday that lawmakers will begin work on a robust COVID-19 relief package beginning next week, while the White House denied any plans for a cut bill that could quickly advance through the divided room.

“The Senate, as early as next week, will begin the process of considering a very strong COVID relief bill,” Schumer, the Senate’s top Democrat, said on the floor of the chamber.

“We need recovery and rescue quickly. Everywhere you look alarm bells are ringing,” he added, saying Democrats would proceed even if Republicans are not on board.

Politico reported that the administration is considering a bill that would provide $ 600 billion to $ 800 billion in aid, including reduced funding for vaccine distributions, unemployment, and food aid, as well as relief checks targeting people in need.

But two senior White House officials moved quickly on Thursday to shoot down the idea of a split approach.


28 Jan 2021


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