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Biden's agenda ignites Democrat infighting in the wake of the RED WAVE

Photo Credit_ Gage Skidmore

Rural voters and Hispanics, as well as parents and advocates of defunding the police, helped guarantee the victory, in direct opposition to the identity politics policies and narrative of the far-left.

Because of voters' rejected of far-left ideas, Democrats are casting blame at one other about who is to blame for the defeat. The "centrists" blame leftist policies for the thrashing, while the far-left blames Biden for not getting his radical reconciliation plan through Congress soon enough.

An unidentified Democratic congressman from New Jersey told Politico Playbook on Monday that Biden failed to pass any successes, which drained the base's excitement.

Democrat strategist Sean Clegg told the Los Angeles Times the outcome in Virginia pressurizes Biden’s far-left agenda, exacerbating Democrat infighting.

The Virginia election is clearly a reflection of a dynamic that’s going on right now in the party and with the president, and we need to correct it if we want to have any success,” Clegg said.

According to the Punchbowl, Dem lawmakers fear Biden and the far-left are "scrambling" through the reconciliation discussions and that Tuesday's setback "won't kill Dems' drive to achieve the enormous reconciliation bill, but it will likely have an influence."

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) indicated Tuesday that voting on Biden's plan will take place before Monday's vacation. But, Pelosi's capacity to herd the vote in the face of infighting is expected to be harmed as a result of Tuesday's defeats.

03 November 2021


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