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Biden Commits to Israel-Style Security Assurances for Ukraine in Talks with Zelenskyy and G7 Leaders

VILNIUS, Lithuania—President Joe Biden met with the leaders of the Group of Seven (G–7) on July 12 during the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit to discuss and offer security assistance to Ukraine in its ongoing struggle against Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was also present at the meeting, which resulted in the issuance of a "Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine" by the G7 leaders.

Biden Commits to 'Israel-Style' Security Assurances for Ukraine in Talks with Zelenskyy and G-7 Leaders

Following the conclusion of the meeting, President Biden declared that the joint declaration would ensure long-term support for Ukraine, making it evident that their assistance would persist well into the future. Emphasizing the importance of regional stability and the need to counter threats, Biden announced the United States' commitment to helping Ukraine build a strong and capable defense across land, air, and sea.

In the days leading up to the summit, the White House had hinted at the possibility of providing Ukraine with "Israel-style" security guarantees in its confrontation with Russia. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan informed reporters on July 9 that the United States would extend various forms of military assistance, intelligence sharing, cyber support, and other material support to enable Ukraine to defend itself and deter future aggression.

President Biden explained that as part of the joint declaration, each country would negotiate individual long-term bilateral security arrangements with Ukraine. This comprehensive approach seeks to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities and ensure its sovereignty.

President Zelenskyy expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating that the Ukrainian delegation had achieved a significant security victory for the country and its people. This declaration marks a strong commitment to Ukraine's freedom, both in its current struggle and in its future endeavors.

In a separate bilateral discussion, President Biden commended President Zelenskyy for his courage and resilience, characterizing Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a throwback to medieval times. Acknowledging Zelenskyy's frustration over the delayed pace of U.S. assistance, Biden assured him that the United States was making every effort to expedite the provision of necessary aid.

The commitment made by President Biden and the G7 leaders at the NATO summit signifies a united front in supporting Ukraine and defending its territorial integrity. This assistance not only strengthens Ukraine's defense capabilities but also sends a powerful message to Russia regarding the international community's stance on aggression and the importance of upholding regional stability.


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