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Andrew Cuomo was not prosecuted for sexual harassment allegations in New York

Despite "sufficient legal support," a district attorney in upstate New York has decided not to pursue any charges against Cuomo as there aren't any allegations of sexual harassment against the former New York governor.

The disgraced former governor's criminal investigations concerning allegations of sexual misconduct are now concluded after the decision by Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes.

An energy company employee named Virginia Limmiatis, 55 claimed sexual harassment against her company in Monday's decision.

A report from the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) alleges that Limmiatis told Cuomo that he swiped two fingers across her chest while she stood in a rope line.

As she described it, the governor approached her, touched her cheek, and whispered, "I see a spider on your shoulder." He then "brushed his hand lightly across the space between her shoulder and breasts (and below her collarbone)," leaving her shocked.

Upon hearing that Cuomo had never touched anybody inappropriately, Limmiatis felt compelled to come forward to share her story. She then informed a number of other people at the event about her complaint but did not go public with her story until three days later, when she heard Cuomo say at a press conference that he had never touched anyone inappropriately.

Oswego County District Attorney's Office concluded that a thorough investigation and analysis of the available evidence and the applicable law did not support a criminal charge against former governor Andrew Cuomo based upon the allegations of unwanted physical contact made by Virginia Limmiatis, Oakes said on Monday.

1st Feb 2022


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