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Alabama and Louisiana Attorney Generals defend joining Texas election bid

AGs Steve Marshall of Alabama and Jeff Landry of Louisiana said Thursday that they have joined the lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's in the Supreme Court because they are seeking legal vote-counting only.

Landry told Fox News: "When you look at the constitution, you realize that there are countries where non-legislative actors, that is, state governors, state ministers, or state courts, have fundamentally amended the election law in the midst of the game." "Fox and Friends." "We don't think it's appropriate.

Steve Marshall said the 17 states that joined the suit believed Texas had made a "convincing case" as to why the Constitution was asking the court to hear the case.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Cole criticized the lawsuit and said it misleads the public, but Jeff Landry said he believes the Americans and President Trump deserve to know if the election was held in a fair.


10 Dec 2020


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