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A missile struck an area near the airport in Lviv, Ukraine

In the early morning hours of March 18, missiles hit near the Lviv airport.

Russian missiles were attributed to the city's mayor, Andriy Sadovyi, in a statement.

He said Russian rockets had struck an aircraft repair plant. "The building was destroyed by the rockets." No casualties occurred at this plant before it was stopped for active work.

"According to preliminary information, there has been a launch from the Black Sea aquarium of six winged missiles, possibly X-555s The missiles hit in the area of Lviv airport.".

Vadym Denysenko, an adviser to Ukraine's Minister of Internal Affairs, said that there were explosions and smoke in Lviv at about 6:30 local time. He also noted that there was visible fire.

There was warning, however, that future airstrikes might occur. They noted that "the concrete flies very far" when missiles strike.

The country’s Defense Ministry on March 13 said that up to 180 “foreign mercenaries” and a large consignment of foreign weapons were destroyed in the attack at the Yavoriv International Center for Peacekeeping and Security.

18 March 2022


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