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A highway in Oklahoma named after former President Donald Trump

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Oklahoma Highway was named after former President Donald Trump after the state's Republican governor signed a bill to rename the 20-mile section of U.S. Route 287 after the forty-fifth president of the United States.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin State on Thursday signed Senate Bill 624, a measure that honors dozens of people - from law enforcement and military officials to local and international politicians - by naming highways and bridges after them.

The final version of the legislation language removed that had restricted such terms to people who had died for at least three years, paving the way for a section of the highway to be called Trump.

The omnibus Bridge and Highway Designation Act include labels such as "Actor Howard Paul Kotner Memorial Highway", "US Senator James Einhoff intersection" and "President Donald J Trump Highway."

“Highways, bridges, and other facilities which are part of the state highway system may be considered for dedication in honor of individuals deserving of commendation for their active involvement in the project or for outstanding service to the nation, this state, or their community,” the text of the bill reads.

Mary Gill

1 June 2021


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