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Woke Lancet Journal Calls on Biden will drastically increase the funding of the United Nations, and.

The prestigious medical journal The Lancet asked the Biden administration to dramatically increase US funding from the United Nations and the World Health Organization to restore US leadership in global health after four years of "turmoil" through part of Donald Trump.

The January 2 editorial, "A Global Health Action Agenda for the Biden Administration," by Donna Shalala, former president of the Clinton Foundation, The Lancet suggests that Biden will be able to rebuild trust between partners. Global organizations by contributing large sums of money to international organizations.

"The incoming administration should mobilize partners to fund the United Nations Global Humanitarian Response Plan COVID-19 (GHRP), which is designed to coordinate health and economic action in countries at risk," the opinion piece said. “To date, the UN has received only 40% of the GHRP target of US $ 9.5 billion for 2020.”


4 January 2021

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