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'War is absolutely not an option,' Taiwan's President tells China

China's military intimidation, diplomatic pressure, and trade obstructions to remove Taiwan's sovereignty have become more "regrettable" recently, President Tsai Ing-wen said in her Monday national address.

According to Taiwan's president, the government is willing to engage with the Chinese Communist Party to reach a "mutually beneficial arrangement" with China.

“I want to make clear to the Beijing authorities that armed confrontation is absolutely not an option for our two sides,” Tsai remarked.

“Only by respecting the commitment of the Taiwanese people to our sovereignty, democracy, and freedom can there be a foundation for resuming constructive interaction across the Taiwan Strait,” she added.

As a sovereign nation with an elected government, Taiwan claims it is part of China's territory, and has pledged to conquer Taiwan by force if necessary.

We need to defend our national sovereignty and our democratic way of life. Our various political parties and the Taiwanese people agree on this. We can't compromise on this point," she said.

10 October 2022


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