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US Treasury official to visit India

The first official trip to India by a Treasury Department official since Russia invaded Ukraine is scheduled for next week.

The U.S. hopes the meetings will focus on deepening ties with India amid tensions over its neutral stance on the invasion that began in late February.

In addition to meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office, the finance ministry, the Reserve Bank of India, and the petroleum ministry, Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo will visit Mumbai and New Delhi.

And as India is set to lead the Group of Twenty intergovernmental forum in 2023, Treasury says Adeyemo will “discuss key shared priorities such as bolstering energy security, addressing food insecurity globally, and combatting illicit financial flows.”

A Treasury statement says Adeyemo will meet with financial services and energy sectors executives in Mumbai and will speak about strengthening economic ties between the U.S. and India.

19 August 2022


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