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US cities left behind in aid of COVID-19 seek lifeline in the Biden era

Amidst cuts in workforce, emergency services, and growing poverty, American cities, especially smaller ones, hope to be covered in the next round of stimulus and to be defended by Joe Biden when he takes office. The position on January 20.

The latest $892 billion bills to aid the coronavirus, painstakingly negotiated for months and reluctantly signed by President Donald Trump last week, has left some mayors in disrepair.

In Dayton, Ohio, of 140,000, Mayor Nan Wali indicated that Congress voted to restore a corporate tax credit for a "three-martinis lunch" and approved money to save the theaters included in the aid bill. . But they left the cities. "I have a real problem with that," the Democratic mayor told Reuters after Congress passed the bill.

She said his city would not be able to hire a new class of police and firefighters in 2021 without emergency funding from Washington.


3 January 2021


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