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Unvaccinated teachers in New York City are formally terminated

Unvaccinated teachers and other school employees of New York City's Department of Education were notified of their terminations on Feb. 14. Several months earlier, the DOE had threatened to terminate them.

Nadia Lyakhnovich, an elementary school teacher, told The Epoch Times, "I am officially unemployed and fired, even though I have a clean record."

According to secondary school teacher Rachel Maniscalco, who was put on unpaid leave for not getting the vaccine last fall, Lyakhnovich isn't alone: the number of City employees terminated is between 900 and 1,430.

She indicated that there had been no 3020A hearings, where an arbitrator determines a teacher's fate with regard to tenure and potential termination.

"Whenever you're fired, especially from a City job, they have a reason for it, like insubordination or what have you. Maniscalco said no explanation was given for any of the firings. What is the reason for firing a thousand people, give or take, because you didn't get this experimental shot?

The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) sought an immediate injunction last week to stop the firing of the teachers. However, the UFT failed to acquire an injunction. Up until that point, the UFT had not helped these teachers.

17 Feb 2022


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