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Ukraine nuclear plant in war zone under UN inspection

An inspection team from the UN reached Ukraine's zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant on Wednesday, beginning a long-awaited mission aimed at helping secure the facility in the midst of a war zone and avert disaster.

A new attack on the area around Europe's largest nuclear plant has been charged between Kiev and Moscow, underscoring the danger.

There were fears that fighting could cause a massive radiation leak or even a reactor meltdown after the plant was temporarily shut down due to fire damage to transmission lines in recent days. Residents in the area have been given anti-radiation iodine tablets because of the severe radiation risk.

Ukrainian forces repeatedly shelled the plant's territory, and drone strikes hit the training center and administrative building, the Russian-backed local authorities claimed Wednesday.

A city across the river from the plant, meanwhile, has been hit with heavy artillery fire throughout the night, according to regional Ukraine governor Valentyn Reznichenko.

31 August 2022


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