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U.S. transportation officials announced $2.2 billion for local infrastructure projects

There will be new bridges, roads, bike lanes, railways and ports built across the country thanks to a $2.2 billion transportation funding announcement on Thursday.

Under the same program, competitive grants were awarded more than double what they were the previous year. An additional $7.5 billion will be provided for the grants over the next five years as a result of a $1 trillion infrastructure law backed by President Joe Biden.

“This is a program that recognizes many of the most interesting and compelling ideas and designs and plans aren’t going to come from Washington, but more of the funding should,” Buttigieg said. “That’s what we’re delivering here.”

The projects will help modernize America's transportation systems, according to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

In Phoenix and Tucson, Buttigieg highlighted projects that are expected to receive the maximum of $25 million each. Phoenix will use the money to build a bike and pedestrian bridge over the Rio Salado, connecting the city's southern and downtown areas.

12 August 2022


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