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Trump Poised for Victory in Utah Super Tuesday Caucus, Despite Lingering Reservations

Former President Donald Trump, despite not actively campaigning in Utah since 2020 and finishing third in the state's 2016 primary, is expected to secure a decisive victory over former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in the 2024 Super Tuesday caucus clash in Utah.

While projections suggest Trump will emerge victorious, uncertainty looms over whether he will secure the 50 percent plus of the March 5 tally needed to win all of Utah's 40 delegates. This uncertainty stems from lingering concerns among some of the state's conservatives regarding Trump's character and fitness to serve.

The latest Utah poll conducted by Dan Jones & Associates from January 16 to 21 revealed Trump's dominance in the state's political landscape. Out of 428 Republican voters surveyed, the former president garnered 49 percent of support, with Haley trailing at 22 percent and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 13 percent.

Senator Mike Kennedy (R-Alpine), a candidate in Utah's Congressional District 3 GOP primary, highlighted the dichotomy among Utah conservatives regarding Trump. "The people in the state of Utah, based on my sense of them, they still have reservations about Donald Trump’s style," Kennedy stated. "I think many people are very appreciative of the things that he does, but not how he does it." Despite his reservations, Kennedy expressed his formal endorsement of Trump and his desire to see him serve as the next president.

Former Utah Republican Party chair Carson Jorgensen shed light on the diverse viewpoints within the state's GOP. "There’s certainly an element here who adamantly opposes Donald Trump, and then there’s another element of the party that very strongly supports him," Jorgensen remarked. "And so, it’s an interesting dynamic."

As Utah Republicans gear up for the Super Tuesday caucus, Trump's anticipated victory underscores the complexities and divergent perspectives within the state's conservative electorate. Despite reservations about his style and approach, Trump's enduring appeal to a significant segment of Utah's GOP base positions him as a formidable force in the upcoming primary.


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